Samarkand city running tour.

Running through the neighborhoods of the city of Samarkand is a unique experience. This is why Samarkand Running Tours has designed its first city running tours over a length of about 9 km.

The route of this race allows you to have a different view of this historic city. This race, starting near the University Boulevard, takes place near the famous place of Registan. You will also run through the traditional neighborhoods of the old city before facing the Bibi Khanum Mosque offering a magnificent view at sunrise.

Your run will also take you to the ruins of the city of Afrosiyob where Samarkand was founded 2,750 years ago. Running on these ruins, a splendid panoramic view of the present city of Samarkand will open before you.

Thereafter, you will go for a run in the street of Tashkent, recently baptized in the name of the first president of the country, before ending in front of the square of Registan. The meeting place will be communicated to you when you make your final reservation.

How to book this tour?

In order to book this city running tour in Samarkand, we invite you to send us an email at the following address: or join us on WhatsApp at the following number: +998 97 732 01 97. After confirmation from us, we will send you the meeting place and the times that you will communicate to us.

PS. This tailor-made marathon tour is given as an example and can be modified or customized to your wishes. For more details and information, please contact our agency.

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