Daily running tour near Samarkand.

Early in the morning, you will leave by car towards the village of Kyzyl Karvon (red caravan) located 45 km from Samarkand. This running tour not only offers beautiful landscapes of villages and mountains, but also an exceptional meeting with Uzbeks from the region.

You will start running through the village of Kyzyl Karvon first and come across a lot of villagers working in their gardens. You will also come across pilgrims coming to meditate in the cave of Khazrati Dovud (Saint David). Passing the village cemetery, you will run on trails that will take you to one of the peaks of the Zarafshan Mountains. This is where St. David’s Grotto is located.

A magnificent view will open in front of you when you run up the stairs of this city of pilgrimage. Reaching the top will be a sign that the end of your race is near. Surrounded by local pilgrims, you’ll visit the cave and descend over 1,500 steps to meet your driver. An incredible moment of running and meeting with the Uzbeks.

How to book this tour?

In order to book this city running tour in Samarkand, we invite you to send us an email at the following address: samarkandrunning@gmail.com or join us on WhatsApp at the following number: +998 97 732 01 97. After confirmation from us, we will send you the meeting place and the times that you will communicate to us.

PS. This tailor-made marathon tour is given as an example and can be modified or customized to your wishes. For more details and information, please contact our agency.

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